Financial Planning

Financial planning begins with the end in mind, visualizing the goal to be achieved and then creating the roadmap to guide and directing you along the way. We believe financial decisions should be made in coordination with the various priorities in your life. Therefore, conducting a comprehensive analysis and creating a plan for your overall financial situation is the first step in developing a strategy that will help you make wise financial decisions that will better your life.

Our financial planning allows you to develop an unbiased, detailed plan, and receive advice on the various areas of your finances such as cash management, debt, investment, insurance, college, retirement, and estate planning. Your financial plan will begin with a series of recommendations, then we will work with you to establish the appropriate next steps and coordinate the implementation of your plan.  Securities and investment advisory services are offered exclusively through HTK.

Investment Management

Investment management requires discipline, strategy, and patience. Emotions, gut feelings, and fears are not part of a quality investment process, though many investors allow these emotions to veer them off course.  We have years of expertise with fundamental investment management strategies that will meet various financial needs—protecting principal, to creating sustainable income, to growing capital long run.  

As an independent advising group, we work for you, not fund companies in which you are invested. We serve in a fiduciary role with your portfolios, ensuring we are acting in your best interests and providing continual guidance to help achieve your desired outcome. We have access to a nationwide selection of large to boutique investments and managers, providing us with a robust selection of resources to best meet your specific needs. 

Investing involves risk, including possible loss of principal. Please note that asset allocation cannot guarantee a profit or protect against a loss. These techniques help to position their investments against the potential erosion that may be caused by inflation. HTK does not offer tax or legal advice. Securities and investment advisory services offered exclusively through HTK.

Tax Strategy

Taxes can have a huge impact on the outcome of any investment strategy and financial plan, and when left unaddressed, cost your family or business significant dollars that cannot be recouped. Through our comprehensive planning approach, and coordinating alongside your tax advisor, we help you maximize your overall financial strategy and investment programs by taking advantage of favorable tax laws. From simple solutions, to advanced individual and business tax sheltering, we have assembled a network of the nation’s leading strategists to optimize your tax reduction and wealth creation.

Retirement Planning

Visualizing your retirement is important. In fact, it may be the most important first step to achieving your retirement. But the key words are "first step." Your ideal retirement will not just happen. You have to visualize it, plan for it, and then implement your plan. A comprehensive retirement plan can help you examine your current situation and your projected needs at the time of retirement—based on established goals—and implement strategies to help the make your retirement become reality.

During retirement, the investment strategies required are much different than those used to get a person to retirement, and are crucial in helping one achieve their income goals while not outliving their money. We carefully design investment strategies to properly distribute income in the most tax favorable manner, and at a sustainable rate, according to your lifestyle needs. A proper distribution plan is vital to the success of one’s retirement and eventual estate transfer, so careful planning for risk, liquidity, and taxes are essential in this phase.

Estate Planning

Estate planning takes many forms—from helping to preserve what you have worked so hard to build over the years, to taxes, to properly preparing and protecting your loved ones, to effectively passing on a legacy to the next generation. Regardless of net worth, proper estate planning is an important part of every financial plan to ensure your desire outcomes are met.

Proper estate planning is often thought of just planning ones’ passing, which is true, however a proper estate distribution strategy can improve your retirement lifestyle through a combination of strategies which create more retirement income. One can also use tax-favorable wealth transfer techniques to more effectively transfer assets to the next generation.

We develop estate strategies, in conjunction with your overall financial needs, to ensure your various objectives are met—from tax reduction or planning for delays in transferring your estate through probate, to providing liquidity to your heirs to cover taxes, debts, and expenses that would fall on their shoulders.

We understand estate planning is an emotionally-charged subject for many. Therefore, it is important to us that we take the time and consideration to discuss all aspects of your situation to ensure your wishes are being granted to the fullest potential. Once we have fully understood your objectives, we coordinate with your attorney, CPA, and any other important advisors to coordinate a solution and implement your plan.

We aim to make an often daunting topic and process simple and easy to understand, and help you walk away feeling secure in knowing you have taken the proper steps to protect the people who depend on you, and the legacy you have worked a lifetime to build.

Charitable Planning

Charitable planning is a wonderful extension to your estate plan and offers significant tax benefits, and more importantly, brings the joy of seeing the impact made for the causes that are important to you. We help design solutions, simple and advanced, for individuals and business owners to optimize their charitable desires. From gifting strategies or donor advised funds, to more advanced charitable trusts, we work with you to develop a well thought-out strategy that is not only sustainable, but will enhance what you thought was possible for your charitable intentions.

Business Planning

A business owner must wear many hats when running their company, and often being a long-run financial strategist for the business, is not one of them. We work alongside business owners and key executives to ensure they are addressing some of the bigger-picture issues that are important to them. Common concerns we hear include frustration with their ever-growing tax bill, worry of negative business impact if they were to lose a key employee, and desire to plan for eventual succession or exit from the business.

We help address your concerns and make sure you are reaping the desired rewards from the business. This can include everything from planning for risk—such as a loss of a partner or key employee—to selective benefit programs for the owner and key employees to help reduce taxes, grow personal wealth, and retain key talent.

At some point, it is time for the business to be passed on, whether it be to a family member, key employee, or an outright sale. Unfortunately, this is often done with little planning, or worse, in a crisis. We help you map out a strategy that will help you continue on after the business with confidence, and in the process, bring together exit planning advisors, your CPA, attorneys, and other experts to work in concert to ensure a successful transition.

Insurance Planning

Risk management and insurance planning plays an important role in your financial plan. Protecting your income sources and assets for those who depend on you, including your family and business associates, is a foundation to a successful financial plan—ensuring protection should you die prematurely, become disabled, or have a long-term health care need.

Through the financial planning process, risks are often revealed that pose a threat to your financial security and goals. We work with you to determine what risks you can absorb and what risks would make financial sense to use an insurance plan to cover. In addition to protection needs, we can customize your plan to create tax shelters, and enhance wealth transfer and use for advanced estate planning applications.

We work with many of the major quality insurance companies, providing us with the tools to develop simple or advanced insurance architecture to fit your unique needs.

Our Process

Create financial plan

The first step is to listen to your needs, and establish expectations and goals. This process includes a comprehensive audit and review of your overall finances, then creation of a custom plan that addresses all the areas of your financial life, to determine what is needed to get you on track.

Implement plan

We work with you to establish the appropriate next steps based on your plan, then implement the entire plan for you, so that you can focus your time where it’s needed most. We will roll out the investment and insurance strategies designed, as well as coordinate with you, and other professionals where needed, to ensure your plan is implemented seamlessly.

Monitor, Review, Plan forward

You now have an ongoing plan in place and a personal advisor to help guide and direct your future financial decisions. Financial planning is an ongoing process, and requires continual fine tuning and adjustments.

In addition to requests you may have for us along the way, you will receive regular reporting, quarterly advisor calls, and most importantly, an annual comprehensive plan update and portfolio review to make sure you are on track. For daily financial tracking, you will be provided with a personal website and mobile phone app that will help you monitor all of your financial accounts (banks, work plans, insurance, investments, and more) with a single login to make your financial management simpler and streamlined.

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