About Us

  • Vision

    We are a client-focused financial planning practice that is well known in the region as the best place to source financial planning and wealth management. We exemplify what it means to be an advocate for our clients’ overall financial situation, partnering with them to successfully navigate their life’s journey. We consist of a proactive passionate team of people that is driven by the impact our work has on the people we serve in our community.


    Our mission is to provide exceptional coordinated financial planning and wealth management to successful individuals and families. We believe that trust, integrity, and a relationship with our clients is the foundation of our success. We exist to create confidence and security for our clients throughout their life’s journey—and they can expect to be respected and cared for as part of our extended family.

    Our Philosophy

    We believe in taking a comprehensive planning approach to our clients’ finances, versus a product or solution approach. We develop your personalized financial roadmap to guide your finances and future decisions so that you always know where you stand—in line with your goals and aspirations—and then implement and guide wealth management solutions to ensure your plan is fulfilled. We believe financial management should be done in a coordinated fashion to produce the best outcome for our clients’ situation, rather than making disjointed decisions on an investment here, an insurance there, and a real estate purchase elsewhere. In one’s finances, if you move one piece, you affect all the others. Our philosophy is to partner with our clients to build and implement a successful strategy that coordinates their overall financial affairs.

    Our Values


    We believe trust is the necessary foundation of our advising relationships.

    Client Centered

    We believe our purpose is to be an advocate for our clients’ well-being, not an investment or insurance company’s interests. We do this through proactive communication and service, and by taking a comprehensive planning approach to address our clients’ specific needs and assist them in making educated decisions that are best for their family or business.


    We believe a commitment to honesty and objectivity is essential to our advising relationships. We do what we say we will do. We believe transparency creates credibility.


    We are lifetime learners. Our team and expert resources behind-the-scenes are committed to ongoing personal and professional growth to continue to be the best we can be.

    Our Advising Platform

    The Monson Group operates on the advising platform Pacific Capital Resource Group, Inc., an independent financial services firm serving the Pacific Northwest. Pacific Capital Resource Group, Inc. is a full-service financial services firm consisting of a network of professionals including Certified Financial Planners, Chartered Financial Consultants, trust officers, insurance brokerage and a broker/dealer. They provide us to access to nationwide resources of wealth management solutions, through HTK, to deliver value to our clients.

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